Why Think in Baja

Tradition Retirement is dead. The days of retiring with pension in hand and mortgage paid off are a mere myth today. But you can turn back the clock, by going into Direct Retirement in Baja you can once again retire @55 years old.

Retire Baja 55 are Retirement Consultansts that specialize in custom Retirement Plans for any retiree looking for hope of retiring sooner that 70 years old. RetireBaja55 will take your from Point A to point Z of your reitrement. From Financial Analysis, to home selection, to move data, RB-55 will be there.

RetireBaja55, Mind-set, Are you ready to let go?.. Let's find out. Let our consultants anwer your questions so then you can at least have the most current understanding in Baja. Join the Tens of Thounsands that are cutting from tradition and finding a retirement option in Baja.

Veterans, because of your training a retirement in Baja is not hard. Adapt and overcome. I think you can adapt to San Diego weather, and I know you will over come California or any US State prices. Also, Latino Culture is lined up more directly to tradition Veterans Ways.

Our Developments

Sea Houz

Triple AAA Luxury at 1/10t the cost. SeaHouz Range $550K-$1.35mm USD Worth Every Penny. 35 Minutes from border.


Young retires, Semi retired Work from Home persons Resort Living $199k-300k 25 Minutes to the Border.

Plaza del Mar

Serious retirees only!! Turn Key or Custom Beach Home. 45 Minutes from the border. Under $300 USD.

Traditional Retirement.

  • Start work late teens early late 20’s.
  • Worked same company until 50’s or 60’s.
  • Draw pension upon retirement.
  • 30 Year Mortgage paid (Military FHA)
  • Draw Social Security

Today in 2019

  • Start work 30’s /40’s/50’s
  • No Pension
  • 401 (k) Self directed.
  • 30 Year Mortgage (xRefi)
  • Social Security 5.1 Trillion Debt
  • Must rely on Millennials to cover the store.


Established in 2015, Our purpose is to introduce and understand the Culture and business practices of Baja. Having a resource to Retirees, and Veterans opportunity for; Retirement/Real Estate / Manufacturing/ Trade/ Raw Materials, Dental/ Cosmetic Surgery here in Baja California.

Legal Assist

We have the best legal teams in Baja already to serve your needs: Visas, Car registration, Global Pass, Duel Citizenship, Marriage.

Finance/ Loans/ Mortgage

Loans / Mortgage / Hard Money / Investment like the US the Baja Beach Remodel business is Booming. Rehabs / Flips / Commmercial / Notes

Finalcial Planner

We have financial planners on both sides of the border to assist and verify retirement plans. With a plan in place your mind can be at ease about your future.


RetireBaja55 makes sure you are getting the highest standard of Realtor. Real Estate can be tricky in Baja. We ensure the Realtors we suggest come with the highest esteem

Be part of Thousands of retirees live on Baja

Our Developments

  • All
  • Sea Houz
  • Olas
  • Plaza del Mar

Sea Houz


Plaza del Mar

Plaza del Mar


Sea Houz


Plaza del Mar

Plaza del Mar

Who here?

Mexico counts with the best brands of america, here some oh them. You will feel like home.

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